Today was a great day! We visited the elephants in Kuala Gandah.

The natural habitat of the elephants in Malaysia is shrinking. The animals have to look for their food more and more on plantages and even villages. As the Asian elephant is an endangered species, people are encouraged not to kill or hurt the big giants. They must report them so it’s possible to relocate the elephants to the larger national parks such as Taman Negara.

Besides preventing the decrease of the elephant, the centre also takes care of baby orphans who lost their families in de jungle.

We had the pleasure of bathing with a baby elephant. It was very refreshing after a hot day. The kids also enjoyed feeding the baby elephants, we bought nuts, bananas and sugar cane.


The entrance of the centre is free of charge but they ask for a donation. Bathing with the baby elephants cost 50rm for the guide + 10rm/adult and 5rm/child.

From Kuala Lumpur it’s a 1,5 hour ride.