Yesterday we went to the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp for our vaccinations. We had an appointment at 3.00pm. I think we left the building around 4.30pm.

The doctor gave us a lot of information about all the different diseases like malaria, diarrhea, rabies, dengue fever and how to prevent some of those: don’t touch sick dogs, use mosquito repellents…

After a one hour consultation at the doctor’s it was time for the vaccinations. And guess what? The kids were looking forward to this. Jules wanted to go first, he was very brave and was a great example for his little sister. And of course, also Lily was fearless and didn’t show any tears.

Vaccination kids:

  • Hepatitis A

Vaccinations for us:

  • Boostrix: tetanus, diphteria, whooping cough, polio
  • twinrix: hepatitis A and B